Friday, 25 May 2018

2018 Heritage Ball, Ermington Community Centre, Saturday 19th May.

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As Parramatta Town Hall is being renovated, we booked Ermington Community Centre, not as elegant as the Town Hall, & not available past midnight, but so much easier for parking!

Thanks to Wendy Richmond for coordination of the Ball, to Wendy, Michelle Bolliger, Beck Richmond & their helpers for the lovely supper, to Dave Johnson & the Heritage Ensemble & the callers, and to all those who decorated the Hall, moved furniture, cleaned up ...

We hope to be back at Parramatta next year, but will we be able to return that Hall to it's pristine state & remove all our gear in 30 minutes again?

The Hall was decorated with photos from our early balls, from the first in 1978 to 1989.

Links to photos displayed are at the end of this article.

1.  Sorting tangles of lights

2.  Once again Blacktown Boy's Brigade members looked after the drinks

3.  Photos from early Balls were on display on the walls

4.  Mike Young

5.  MC Don Richmond

6.  Dance cards

7. A Regency group

8.  Cameron Ritchard escorting
Palisha Prajapati to her first Colonial Ball

9.  Three gentlemen

10. First dance




14. President Sharyn Mattern & Editor/Webmaster Mike Young lead the Grand March

15. MC Don Richmond


17. Julia Wang & Richard Shaw










27. Ralph Pride & Colette


29. Gial Lesley

30. Tune books & electronic devices






36.  Wayne Richmond - his 2018 photos will be posted here

37. Arthur Heckendorf & tuba


39. Anthony Simon photographing family & friends

40. Don Richmond & Amy Simon

41. Caterer Beck Richmond

42. Beck cleaning up after supper


44. Caterer Michelle Bolliger


46. Heritage Ensemble, 2018

(Photos - Sandra Nixon)

Bob Bolton Collection - 1982 Colonial Subscription Ball, Hurstville Civic Centre

1986 9th Colonial Subscription Ball

1980 -1st Colonial Masquerade Ball, Saturday 17th May & 3rd Colonial Subscription Ball, 30th August

Colin Fong Collection - A selection of 1980s Ball photos displayed at the 2018 Heritage Ball

Bob Bolton collection - A selection of photos from the 30th Anniversary Subscription Ball, 19th August 1984 displayed at the 2018 Heritage Ball

Bob Bolton collection - A selection of photos from the 1983 Heritage Ball displayed at the 2018 Heritage Ball
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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Bush Traditions Bundanoon DanceFest, Friday 8th to Monday 11th June 2018

The Tenth!
to be held at Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW on the Long Weekend 8th -11th June.   


This year's DanceFest welcomes three new callers:
Niamh Kyriacou who is a regular dancer and professional ballet and dance teacher.
Nina Kharakoz who is also known for her lively Russian accordion playing.
Alan McCulloch who brings this year's Scottish component to the programme
 Plus from previous years:

Arthur Kingsland; Nesa Simon David; Margaret and Bill Winnett; Mark Simmons; Bruce Lemin; Keith Wood; Norm Ellis; Jim & Ingrid Rehle-Williams; Madis and Tiina Alvre; Simon Wall; Colin Towns; Don Richmond; Cathy Richmond; Fran Robertson; June Staunton.

Friday Night is the Opening Bush Dance in the Main Hall from 7.30 - 11.00. A great time to catch up with fellow dancers and musicians from all over, with programme of bush dances provided by selected callers (not necessarily the programmed weekend presenters) and with music by the assembled musicians.

Saturday Callers Dance is a rollicking evening of mixed dances featuring a selection of dances from the daytime workshops. Light Supper provided. 7.30 - 11.00pm in the Bundanoon Hall

**** Sunday night events depending on numbers will either be split into two venues or kept to the Main Hall. Announcements will be made on the Sunday.

Sunday Callers Ball - Dress up in your glad rags for an evening ball under dimmed lighting in the special atmosphere of this lovely old hall. 7.30 - 11.30pm in the Bundanoon Hall

Sunday Callers Dance - An evening of mayhem and dancing wizardry followed by supper in the hall and continued dancing there. 7.30 - 9.45pm in the Bundanoon School Hall
*pending Sunday decision!

The Monday Callers Dance is the last dance of the weekend featuring dances from the Monday morning workshops. Lots of fun for the Stayers!

Weekend tickets and general socialising in the Hall from about 5pm Friday.

First workshop each day starts at 9.30am, first after lunch at 2.00pm. Evening events start at 7.30pm.

(Photos - Sandra Nixon)

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